How to support this plugin?

  1. Tell others about this plugin if you like it.
  2. Tell us about how you use this plugin. It would be nice if you can send us examples that we can add to our image gallery. Furthermore, we are looking for companies or organizations that we can add on this page "Who is using this plugin?". Just write us a short e-mail.
  3. The plugin is currently available in German and English. You can translate it yourself if you need it in a different language. For that
    1. Download the file plantuml/src/main/resources/i18n/ from
    2. Translate the words after =
    3. Save this file and send it to us
  4. Please report bugs in
  5. Request new features at
    However, as we develop this plugin in our spare time we cannot promise that every feature request will be fulfilled.
    The development of a feature can be accelerated by requesting it from our company. You can contact it via
  6. You can also implement new features yourself. The source code of the plugin is freely available at under the LGPL.
    It would be nice if you contribute your changes back.