Macro linkgraph


Create a graphical overview of incoming and outgoing links of a wiki page.

Available since

This macro was added in version 5.4.2 of the PlantUML Plugin.


All parameters are optional.

spaceKey of space to create image for. Current space will be used if empty

Title of page that will be treated as root.
Only its descendants will be shown in graph. There a

  • @self  the current page will be used
  • pagetitle
  • spacekey:pagetitle (parameter space will be ignored)

Number of pages to follow outgoing links
0 do not follow outgoing links
1 only follow link in selected page (default)
2 ....


Number of pages to follow incoming links

0 do not follow incoming links
1 only follow link in selected page (default)
2 ....


Color of selected page either as

Default: lightblue


Color of linked pages

Default: lightyellow

nodeFontsizeFontsize to be used in graph.
directionTB - Top to bottom
LR - Left to right (default)

A comma separated list of labels can be defined here. If given, than only pages that contain one of the listed labels will be shown.

(available since 5.15)


Displays metadata created with Metadata Plugin

  • @all to show all metadata
  • comma separated list of metadata keys to show

(available since 5.3.1)


PNG (default)

SVG (beta)

exportNameThe graph will be stored as attachment if exportName is given.

true = Enable debugging.


  • PNG images do not contain links to the pages that are displayed in the graph

Security Considerations

The linkgraph macro shows only pages which are visible for the current user.
However, if exportName is given, the image will be created as an attachment. This image contains all pages, which were visible to the user who viewed the page when the attachment was created.


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