Macro plantumlrender and flowchartrender


Both macros work as the macros plantuml and flowchart but allow other Confluence macros nested inside.

Available since

This macro was added in version 5.6 of the PlantUML Plugin. It requires Confluence >= 4.



  • Use Preformatted for PlantUML code
  • If there is an error (plantumlrender) or the image is not shown (flowchart) use the Debug option to determine which PlantUML code was generated. Often a missing newline or space is the cause of such problems.
  • You cannot include PlantUML code inside the {code} macro as it emits the code inside a CDATA block.

Generate a flowchart from a SQL selection

The PlaySQL and the SQL plugin select data from a SQL database.
The following example uses the SQL Plugin version 4.2.2 (the latest free version) to select the page hierarchy from Confluence's Demonstation Space.

Generate a sequence diagram from a SQL selection

Here we are using the Play SQL Plugin to select the data which should be drawn as a sequence diagram. The selection is shown inside the Code Block.

Include PlantUML code from an other Confluence page

Create a Confluence page containing only a noformat macro with the PlantUML code inside.

This Confluence page can be included in the plantumlrender macro using the include macro:

Include PlantUML code from Bitbucket Server

If the code from Bitbucket Server is public accessible then you can use the '!includeurl' preprocessing directive:


If the code is not public accessible from Bitbucket Server then you may use the Include Bitbucket for Confluence plugin:

Please note: to check "