Frequently asked questions


Is the plugin affected by the critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j (Log4Shell, CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046)?

No. The plugin is not using log4j2 for logging nor it bundles the log4j library at all.

Enable Performance Logging

In the Confluence Administration → Logging and Profiling section add a new Entry with Package de.griffel.confluence.plugins.plantuml and Log Level INFO.

After that you should see the rendering performance for each plantuml macro in the confluence.home/logs/atlassian-confluence.log File:

2016-04-08 13:52:53,161 INFO [...] [confluence.plugins.plantuml.PlantUmlMacro] executeInternal Rendering UML diagram on page Foo:Bar took 375 ms.

"Error: dot cannot generated PNG file. Check your dot installation.

Check your installation using PlantUML Version Information.

Ensure that the correct version of Graphviz will be used either by setting the environment variable GRAPHVIZ_DOT or by adding dot to the search path.

German umlauts or other non ASCII characters are not shown correctly in generated graphs

Usually, this is a problem with the installation of Confluence or Graphviz.

  1. Check your graphviz installation.

    1. Create a file with the following content:

      digraph test {
         state [label="insert characters that are not shown correctly"]
    2. Let graphviz create a the image. Do this as user who runs Confluence and use the same Graphviz version as Confluence. You can check this as described in PlantUML Version Information.

      dot -Tpng -otest.png
    3. Check the created test.png. If the image is correct check Confluence. If not, you have to correct your Graphviz installatoin.
  2. Verify that all parts of your Confluence installation use the correct encoding which should be UTF-8.
    • Tomcat connector in conf/server.xml: URIEncoding="UTF-8"
    • Java command line argument: -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8

Related Issues

Error rendering macro 'jira' : Unable to locate JIRA server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Unable to locate JIRA server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Error 'class de.griffel.confluence.plugins.plantuml.config.PlantUmlConfigurationBean cannot be cast to class de.griffel.confluence.plugins.plantuml.config.PlantUmlConfiguration'

This error is caused if two different versions of the plugin are installed in Confluence.

In newer Confluence versions (>= 7.10) this problem happens just by updating the plugin and could be solved by just restarting Confluence. If this does not help then please try to uninstall the plugin and then reinstall the plugin. If this does not help then perform the steps described here: